Product Item   -   Price Each              -                  Quantity
Item:   Cobalt 60 Doll                  $1000.00   Doll size approximately:  36" Tall__________
Item:   Ragbag (Small) Doll       $100.00    Doll size approximately:    9" Tall__________
Item:   Ragbag (Large) Doll       $200.00   Doll size approximately:  13" Tall__________
Item:   Bode Lizard                      $800.00   Doll size approximately:  24" Tall _________
Colors: Brown and Yellow, Green and Yellow, Orange and Yellow,
Lavender and Peach, or you may request colors.  COLORS______________________
Item:  Cheech Wizard Doll         $500.00    Doll size approximately:  21" Tall _________
Item:  Cheech Wizard Pillow     $200.00              Pillow Size: 12" by 12"          _________
Item:  Bode Butterfly Doll  Style B  Tri-Color wings          8" Tall & 14" Wide__________


Item:  Bode Butterfly Doll  Style A  Solid wring with poka-dot    8" by 14"  __________

Item:  Itty Bit Doll                         $ 1000.00   Doll size approximately:  19" Tall__________
Item:  Bode Bee                            $350.00                            10" Tall & 12" Wide__________

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Characters by Vaughn Bode   Characters © Barbara Bode
Dolls Created & Designed by:  Alexandria  Doll Patterns © 1986-2013 Kozel

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